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Visual Identity

Complex solution that creates and defines Corporate Identity. Selection of the corporate colours, logo design together with Corporate Identity Manual, fonts, stationery design (business cards, envelopes, invitations, paper) and finally company website that binds it all together. Complete Corporate Identity sends consistent and accessible message to target group, customers and business partners.

It is possible to refresh current elements of corporate identity.


Process of creating a name, symbol or design that will identify and differentiate a product from other products. Creation of brand often starts in selecting a proper name (Naming) which should be adjusted to target group and to company’s guidelines. Then it time for catch-phrase and visual elements that will attract customers and gradually create a strong brand.

Web Design

Internet is one of the most important mediums and it’s getting bigger and bigger. You can even risk saying – “You aren’t on the internet, you don’t exist”. The Web gives you magnificent opportunity to reach unthinkable number of consumers. Well designed website can positively affect your company. Get new customers, increase sales, be successful!

We create fast and accessible websites that contains information useful for visitors and displays them in clean and elegant way. We’re trying not to overload our sites with useless technology or effects. Web browsing should be quick, accurate and not dependent on the browser. Internet was invented for everyone, let it stay that way.

* - mind-blowing & super creative site is our dream so if you want something like that just let us know :)

Print Design


Classic Media

We design nice things for print/classic media which gives proper visual look that distinguishes company or product from competition. Those are not only single elements of Visual Identity like stationery, business cards, etc. but also catalogs, posters, billboards, folders. Our projects combines interesting design with the right statement and functionality. We believe that we can affect aesthetics of our cities and make them look cleaner and more customer friendly.

Photo Retouch & Montage

We also offer photo retouching and enhancing. Sometimes even the most perfect shot is not enough – to achieve intended goal (e.g. for advertising purpose) you need something more. Thanks to photomontage and retouch we can alter the picture in very subtle way while giving a whole new dimension. If you need only simple retouch like correcting gamma, tuning up the colours or deleting unwanted object – we can do that too!

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